Automotive Leather Protection

DD Auto leather protection

Platinum Leather / Vinyl Protection*Spills, stains and normal wear and tear are unavoidable, leading to the early aging of your vehicle’s interior. Platinum Leather/Vinyl Protection penetrates and conditions, providing a breathable barrier for your interior. Treated surfaces are resistant to ultraviolet colour fading, cracking, moisture absorption and mildew. Platinum retains the interior’s natural texture and appearance, preserving the trade-in or re-sale value of your vehicle.

DD leatherDiamond Detailing is proud to be the authorized dealer for the latest technology in automotive leather protection in Guelph. See why high-end automobile dealerships and intelligent consumers prefer Platinum Leather Protection and Platinum Vinyl Protection as their primary automotive interior protection system.

Benefits of Platinum Leather/Vinyl Protection:

  • Platinum Protection Warranty is superior to that of any other manufacturers warranty. 
  • The Platinum Leather Protection Packageallows for easy clean-ups
  • Protects against permanent stains, fading, cracking and peeling, mildew and moisture absorption
  • Will not change the color or texture of your leather
  • Penetrates and conditions, providing a breathable barrier for your interior
  • Brings piece of mind to vehicle owners with children and pets
  • Proves complete protection against damage and reduces the need for frequent leather and vinyl conditioning
  • Helps preserve the appearance of your automobile and the longevity of your vehicle
  • Affordable protection for your vehicle. Perfect for people who lease or to protect the re-sale value of car
  • Quick and simple to apply – no mess!
  • Suitable for new and used vehicles
  • No chemical odor
  • Safe on vinyl and leather interiors
  • * (Ask Dealer for Warranty Details)