Automotive Paint Protection

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Platinum Paint Protection*Most manufacturers’ limited warranties cover defects in materials or workmanship. Damage caused by environmental elements such as tree sap, acid rain, bird droppings, salt and ultraviolet rays are normally not the responsibility of the manufacturer. For instance, acid rain beads on a painted surface, then dries, leaving behind a permanently etched ring. Platinum Paint Protectionutilizes a Teflon* hydrocarbon resin combined with a multi-step application system which maintains the new showroom shine of your vehicle’s paint finish. *Teflon Reg’d TM of E.I. DuPONT DeNEMOURS & CO.

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Diamond Detailing is proud to be the authorized dealer for the latest technology in automotive paint protection in Guelph. See why high-end automobile dealerships and intelligent consumers prefer Platinum Paint Protection as their automotive paint sealant protection system.


Benefits of Platinum Paint Protection:

  • Platinum Protection Warranty is superior to that of any other manufacturers warranty. 
  • The Platinum Paint Protection forms an invisible barrier that protects against acid rain, industrial fallout, salt, ultraviolet rays, rain, snow, sap, tar, road paint and bird droppings
  • Platinum Paint sealant prevents oxidation and fading
  • Platinum Paint Sealant reduces the need for frequent waxing
  • Enhances and protects clear coat
  • Will not change the color of your paint
  • Penetrates the paint keeping it looking new
  • Brings piece of mind to vehicle owners
  • Helps preserve the appearance of your automobile and longevity
  • Helps to reduce the onset of corrosion
  • Affordable protection for your vehicle. Perfect for people who lease or to protect the re-sale value of car
  • Quick and simple to apply – no mess!
  • Suitable for new and used vehicles
  • Safe on all exterior automotive paints
  • * (Ask Dealer for Warranty Details)