Are you a Guelph Dealership that sells cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, or Sports Utility Vehicles? Are you looking for a Guelph auto detailing centre or experiencing an automotive detailing dilemma? Diamond Detailing Guelph’s finest automotive reconditioning technician can help. We provide several automotive reconditioning and car cleaning solutions to help you get the results your customers expect and to help you increase your profits.

Automotive Detailing is a Psychological Selling Factor

The cost of cars like everything else is increasing and sales are decreasing. You could be losing money because your detail shop is inefficient or it may be producing less than satisfactory results. The appearance of a vehicle is everything. It creates the first impression that a consumer has. People can’t form a mental picture of themselves in a new or used vehicle that looks dirty. Customers doesn’t look immaculate. When a consumer is looking to buy a car they want it to look new even if it is pre-owned. Automotive detailing is a psychological selling feature that can not be ignored and it does not pay to use detailers who can not competently do the job.

How successful is your current car care provider?

Is your current car care provider costing you money? Trying to skimp on the appearance of the vehicle is not beneficial or cost effective. As times change – so do clients needs. Amateur clean-ups and quickie cleans are a thing of the past. The demand for a spectacular and flawless looking vehicle is vital to your business. People are becoming educated about car care and the importance of auto detailing. People are protecting their investment instead of visiting the car wash to save a few bucks. Consumers have learned that quality car care comes with a price but in the end it’s worth it. A well maintained car = higher resale, the vehicle sells faster and it reduces costly repairs. If consumers are seeking out the best automotive detailing centers do you really think they expect any less of you? The answer is no.

Professional Detailing Spa’s VS. Amateur Clean-up Shops

Amateur clean-ups may be cheaper but in the long run they can cost you sales and money! Work performed by a professional detailing spa is more expensive but the quality of workmanship aids in increasing sales, helps vehicles to sell faster and reduces customer complaints, comebacks and makes your clients happy knowing that they have had their new car cared by a company with the highest standards. Which practice do you currently adopt?

Take the Auto Detailing Quality Assurance Test

Answers marked green indicate that you are most likely using the services of a professional detailer. Answers in red may indicate that that your current detail tech is not best suited to you and may be an amateur or untrained.

  • Do the automobiles on your lot look sensational? Yes / No
  • Do your cars stand above the competitors and stand out to a customers? Yes / No
  • Do your vehicles look in like new condition, are they fresh, sparkling and polished? Yes / No
  • Do the interiors look and feel sticky or greasy? Yes/ No
  • Are the carpets or seats wet when you get them back? Yes / No
  • Do they return with dirt and debris in seats, carpet, knobs and compartments? Yes / No
  • Do the cars have foul odors when they return from being cleaned or acquire smell days after? Yes / No
  • Do the cars have swirls, fine scratches, scuffs, low gloss, or flaws that may decrease your gross, cancel the sale or delay delivery? Yes / No
  • Are you getting comebacks or customer complaints? Yes / No
  • Does your own in-house detailer or contracted clean-up shop have the proper equipment, training and chemicals to perform the task in the safest and most efficient manner possible? Yes / No / Unsure
  • Have you ever watched your current detailer perform a complete detail on one of your vehicles to know what they are doing to it? Yes / No / Unsure
  • Do your vehicles still look good 2 weeks after they have been cleaned? Yes / No
  • Are the carpets and upholstery stained, dirty looking or left un-shampooed? Yes / No / Unsure
  • Do you waste time arguing with your detailer about the low quality of workmanship? Yes / No
  • Is newspaper being used as floor mats in the car? Yes / No
  • Has the color ever been stripped from leather or vinyl? Yes / No
  • Are the headliners clean? Yes / No
  • Is the engine shampooed and detailed properly with a non-flammable dressing? Yes / No / Unsure
  • Is your detailer using tire dressing inside the car? Yes / No / Unsure
  • Are the rims spotless and tires cleaned before they are treated? Yes / No / Unsure
  • Is the interior and exterior finely detailed? Yes / No
  • Are small problems ever made into larger problems? Yes / No
  • Has your current detailer damaged a vehicle? Yes / No
  • Are you losing sales because your detailer has your vehicles for days on end? Yes / No
  • Has your detailer provided you with a complete check list of items covered in the detail and do they live up to it every time? Yes / No
  • Will they let you watch them detail the car, see the equipment & chemicals? Yes / No
  • Does your technician use a paint gauge to measure paint thickness? Yes / No
  • Does your technician use terry towels, shop rags, t-shirts and other rough materials to wipe down cars or dress cars with rags? Yes / No
  • Does your shop do more than 4-6 complete details per day? Yes / No

If any of your answers were red we are sorry to hear that! Professional detailers are rare it’s unfortunate but true. Amateurs presenting themselves as professionals is a common in this industry.

A general rule of thumb is that if you are looking for a detailer stick with a shop that only performs detailing tasks this would include all detailing aspects and window tinting. Some detail shops are even known to offer kick-backs and other incentives for the business sent to them. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it – not really!

The money being put into your pocket better exceed the headaches, loss of sales, complaints and repair bills. A professional detailer may cost more but the result is a vehicle that looks well maintained, grosses more money, sells faster and does not create negative effects.

Diamond Detailing Solutions To Your Detailing Dilemma’s

Quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless!

Looking for a new auto detailing shop? Diamond Detailing A.R.T are experienced, trained and certified in complete automobile detailing packages, new / used car deliveries, auction detailing and total vehicle recon offer our expertise to new and used car dealerships in the Guelph area.

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