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If you are retail client, car dealer or show car owner Diamond Detailing is the #1 choice in Guelph automotive detailing. We provide complete detailing services for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and all sports recreation vehicles. View our professional auto detailing services or visit our client testimonials to hear from satisfied customers who choose Diamond Detailing as their only Guelph car cleaning expert.

This Month’s Featured Car – Intrepid

Have a look at this month’s featured car – its a filthy dirty Intrepid. When it was delivered to us all we could say was “wow”. It looks pretty hopeless doesn’t it. Many people sell their cars because they’ve let the car go and think it can’t be repaired. They can’t stand looking at it anymore let alone driving in it. When a car is sold in this condition the owner will lose a substantial amount of money because it looks poorly maintained. Appearance is everything – it’s all about the fine details! A well maintained vehicle grosses more money. That’s why the new owner of this car was able to pick this up cheap. He knew that Diamond Detailing could restore the appearance of this vehicle and bring it back to as like new condition as possible. Now it looks like it should and something he can be proud of owning.

Intrepid passenger seats, carpets, door jambs, rubbers and vinyl interior before cleaning: This interior of this Intrepid was and absolute mess. The door jambs were filthy, carpets littered with debris & stained. The console marked up with an oily residue and the components encrusted with dirt. The velour seats in the car interior were fairly bad. They were smoke covered,  dusty and stained. The debris itself wasn’t too bad.

Intrepid passenger seats, carpets,  door jambs, rubbers and vinyl interior during cleaning stage: We removed the front seats to be able to thoroughly vacuum and shampoo the carpets and seats. The carpets shown here are after the 1st clean. They needed to be done several times to extract the layers of dirt. The vinyl is in it’s 1st stage of the washing here – it already looks better! We went through 2 liters of vinyl cleaner in this car because it had so much cigarette smoke and impacted dirt. The door jambs have been degreased and cleaned. The seats came up pretty good  the first time over them.

Trunk jambs before  detailing: The trunk jambs were filled with leaves and sticks. Under the debris was a thin layer of muddy dirt.


Trunk jambs after detailing: Leaves were blown out, painted surfaces washed, rubbers cleaned and treated.

Vinyl interior, console & vents before detailing: The cup holders and console would have made a great place to farm mushrooms! The air vents were covered in filth making for an unhealthy environment. Every nook and cranny had impacted debris.

Vinyl interior, console & vents after detailing: This new looking car is the result of supreme detailing skills. Everything is carefully cleaned to maintain the original surface then treated and detailed to restore natural luster. Diamond Detailing doesn’t leave an oily high gloss residue on interior components that feels sticky to the touch – we return the vehicle back to it’s original state and texture using the highest grade chemicals and skills.

Intrepid exterior before  car wash and detailing: The overall appearance of the exterior on this intrepid wasn’t as bad as the interior. The rims were the worst of it – the rest was just mud and surface debris.

Intrepid exterior after car wash and detailing: The exterior on this intrepid came up nice. After a wash, wax and detail it looks great. The shine is restored the color more brilliant and the rims sparkling.

Still Think Cheaper Is Better? Have A Look At This And Then Decide!

Deadly pathogens in your car are a possibility

A while back we had a client who had spilled raw unprocessed milk for making cheese in his van. The retired gentleman had taken his vehicle to an express detail shop to be cleaned and the odor removed but they failed to complete the task properly so he came to us for our help.

He explained he was living on a pension and the cheese he makes was quite costly to produce – in fact, he could buy it cheaper at the store; but loved making it himself. So he had gone out to a farm bought 4 gallons of milk and on the way home the bucket spilled over. He went on to explain that he was so upset at himself because his hobby had cost him so much. Between having to re-buy the milk, paying the express detail shop for a job that they didn’t do right and having to pay us that his batch of cheese had become the most expensive cheese in the world.

We felt badly for him. The express detail shop should have never taken on that project. They are not equipped or knowledgeable enough to deal with a catastrophe like this. Spot shampooing the carpet, spraying it with air freshener and running the air does not resolve anything. The carpets and underlay were full of mold and the smell was beyond words. View the photos to see what the other shop  left behind.

This vehicle recon  was a huge  undertaking. We had to completely gut this van. After removing the carpet it was given several cleanings to eliminate stains and ensure that the milk was completely removed from carpet and underlay. The van itself had to be completely cleaned using a medical grade antibacterial/anti-fungal solution. A three step system was used to decontaminate the contents and the air. The treatment we used is one that is utilized by hospitals to disinfect laundry, food areas and to make surgical rooms sterile. The first step was to decontaminate the empty van including the ac/heat and vent system. This ensures that there is no chance for mold, bacteria or odor regrowth. Once the carpet and freshly cleaned seats had gone through the drying process, they underwent the same decontamination process. Upon completion everything was placed back inside the vehicle, along with the freshly cleaned seats for a final decontamination and then allowed to air out.

We had the vehicle for 3 days, when he came to pick it we showed him the photo’s and explained the entire process to him. He was disgusted by what he saw in the pictures, but he was elated by the final result. He couldn’t thank us enough and kept insisting that he should pay us more because he had no idea how in depth the process was going to be. We declined his offer and he ended up taking a pile of business cards to hand out to people he knew. “Give trust, and you’ll get it double in return” quoted by Kees Kamies

This story appalls me because the other shop had sold him on a service they could not perform. They lacked the equipment, chemicals, knowledge & training therefore they had no business performing this task. Instead of telling him they couldn’t do it or refer him to someone that could they took his money. This in itself is a crime but that isn’t the worst of it. In doing so, they put this mans’ health at risk. Raw milk can carry salmonella, E. coli O157:H7 or listeria. If this milk contained any of these pathogens this man, his wife, grandchildren or anyone else in the van who made contact with it; would have been exposed to deadly pathogens. Something as simple as his grandson rubbing his hands on the carpet; could have transferred deadly bacteria onto his hands and in the event he didn’t wash them, he could have transferred them to his mouth, food or another person through contact.

This is a serious issue and one that should be a lesson to all amateur detailers out there. When you are cleaning a car you must factor in the health risks for both the client and yourself. This includes the chemicals & equipment you use, the protection you wear and the process you utilize. Failure to eliminate possible hazards is a risk to your clients that you don’t want to take; nor do you want to create a problem.

You must understand chemistry and be knowledgeable about the chemicals you use. Learn what health risks may be associated with them if any, use them as directed, do your research and always wear the necessary protective gear to protect yourself from exposure. A good example would be using ammonia and bleach (although I would hope you wouldn’t ever be using these in a car) but if you did, you could be manufacturing a deadly gas that could cause you or your client to have respiratory failure. Certain chemicals may be poisonous to animals and small children. Several chemicals can be potentially dangerous to individuals with allergies and asthma; so keep this in mind to prevent accidents.

A professional detailer must also have the knowledge, training and equipment to deal with everything including bio-hazards. Failure to meet these requirements puts your health and the health of others at risk. Blood borne pathogens can include but are not limited to hepatitis.

Over the years I have been exposed to many toxic, bio-hazardous and potentially dangerous scenarios including toxic substances, mold, bacteria, syringes, blood, vomit, feces, urine and viruses… but because I assume the risk is there, I protect myself as best I can before it is too late. You don’t know where a car has been, what mold, bacteria, fungus, toxins and gases exist so you must take precaution.

Detailers who aren’t experienced or knowledgeable enough to effectively or safely remove them, should abstain completely and let the real professional detailers do the job. I have a greater respect for people who admit they can’t do something than those who take someone’s money and wing it. No one wins when you fail and no money is worth jeopardizing your health or that of someone else !

That’s  the “Diamond Detailing Difference” Quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless!

After looking at these photo’s you’ll understand why people are coming from all over Ontario to visit Guelph’s finest automotive reconditioning technician. Diamond Detailing offers the finest auto detailing and car cleaning services to protect and maintain the appearance of your vehicle. Whether you plan on keeping your car, buying a pre-used car or selling your old automobile – we can help. The pictures speak for themselves but still don’t justify the difference we make. When you see the results of our complete detailing in person – you’ll be amazed. Call us today or book an appointment with Master Detailer Romeo Styles.

(Note: Due to lighting we had to clarify  the photos  to make them sharper and clearer so y ou can see what it really  looked like. Some shots may  look blue other grey  it’s not a different interior just a result of  whether or garage door was open or not and some shots were taken outside.)

Luxury Automobile Detailing

Diamond Detailing also specializes in high-end luxury automobile detailing  –  German, Italian and English cars. German car auto detailing includes BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW. English car detailing includes Austin Martin and Jaguar… Italian exotic automotive detailing includes Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati and more.

Maserati’s We’ve Detailed

Before: When this Maserati arrived it had some serious swirls marks and scratches on the hood from the previous detailer which left the appearance of this fine vehicle marred.

After: Diamond Detailing corrected the swirl marks and removed the scratches using a high speed buffing process rendering the hood flawless.

Before: The paint on the Maserati looked cloudy giving the paint a hazy effect and reducing the clairity of the true colour.

After: Diamond Detainling removed the haze from the entire car.  Paint was decontaminated and high speed buffed to rstore the natural shine, clairity and colour to the paint. The car was then topped off with 100% Bazilizian white Carnauba wax.


 Vipers We’ve Detailed – Another coming this week!

The owner of this viper had Diamond Detailing buff the entire car to remove fine scratches resulting from dust, washing and drying and everyday wear and tear.

Rolls Royce We’ve Detailed

DD Gallery pics67

Kurt Christie’s 1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spur is a working project. While the car itself is in fabulous condition it did need a little TLC. That’s where we came in. We refurbished the paint on the hood, cleaned, polished and protected : the chrome, plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather and the carpets. The interior components are in excellent condition. Kurt does plan to have the seats re-dyed in the future to preserve the original appearance which has deteriorated over time due to normal wear and tear. It was unfortunate that some of the damage just couldn’t be repaired but it was a real treat working on her.


Hood Before: When Kurt Christie’s 1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spur came to us it had paint damage on the hood. The damage looked as if someone had spilled something that had etched the clear coat leaving it dull and marred.

Hood After: We wet sanded,  compounded and hi-speed polished the hood of the Rolls. Unfortunately we were not able to repair all the damage – some small imperfections still exist but we were able to restore the clear coat back to its original clarity and deep sheen saving Kurt Christie from having to repaint this beauty.


Carpets Before: The carpets in this Rolls had be subjected to some water or moisture in the past which did cause some permanent staining which we we’re unable to remove. However after removing the carpets and cleaning them the end result made a huge difference.

Carpets After: The carpets were plush, fresh, free of mildew and looked 100% better than before.

Jaguars We’ve Detailed

Jaguar XJ8 that the owner purchased in this incredibly dirty state. Luckily most of the damage was repairable and we were able to recondition the car back to a showroom quality finish. Check out the before and after pics of this amazing car makeover by your favorite Guelph auto detailing spa.

Car Before: This exterior of this Jaguar XJ8 was in good condition – she was just a little dirty, rims/tires were filthy and the paint was a little faded, dry and finely scratched.


Car After: All it required to bring the exterior back to like new condition was a good car wash, a buff to restore shine & remove some scratch’s, the chrome polished, tires cleaned, rims cleaned and polished

Leather Seats Before: The interior leather of this car was in desperate need of some moisture, cleaning and a re-dye.


DD Gallery pics84
Leather Seats After: The car leather seats have been re-hydrated; plumping up the leather where it was creased. The seats are soft, clean and all one color!

Cup Holders Before: The cup holders were caked up with coffee, pop and debris.




Cup Holders After: The cup holders in this Jag look as good as new after a little interior car cleaning!



VEHICLE_INTERIOR_BEFORE_small Rear Console Before: The console was filthy. It had milkshake slopped down the left side of it. Dirt resided in the recessed areas around the wood trim fittings and the vents were absolutely disgusting.



Rear Console After:  We cleaned and conditioned the leather to remove the stains; blew out, cleaned and treated the vents and removed the carpet stain.


Front Driver Sear Before

Front Drivers Seat Before:  A close-up of the front drivers seat reveals the grit trapped between pleats  and the poor condition of the dirty leather.


Front Driver Sear After Front Drivers Seat After:  The clean leather seats is now free of grime! Debris was removed, leather cleaned, conditioned & re-dyed to enhance the appearance and value of the vehicle.


Vents Before

 Vents Before:  The air vents in this car were a bit on the dirty side!



Vents After

Vents After:  We blew out the air vents to help eliminate future soiling and reduce allergens such appearance that had resulted from poor leather care. as mold, mildew, dust and moisture. Once the vents were cleaned they were carefully treated and detailed making them spotless.

Trunk Before

Trunk Before: The trunk wasn’t too bad – it was a little dirty inside.



Trunk After

Trunk After:  We vacuumed andcsotveearms, cleaned and treated them. the trunk to give it a fresh look.


DS Carpet Before


Drivers Side Carpet Before: Notice the salt deposits near the edge of the mat.


DS Carpet After


Drivers Side Carpet After:  We removed this salt deposit before it could erode the carpet then followed the process with a thorough steam cleaning to plump all the carpet fibres back up.


Gear Shift Before

Gear Shifter Before:  Dirt surrounded the gear shifter especially in the area of the plastic recessed casing.


Gear Shift After

Gear Shifter After:  We blew out, cleaned, treated and detailed the gear shifter to aid the appearance and maintain smooth shifting.


Tires before

Tires/ Rims Before:  The metal on these rims appeared brownish black. Brake dust covered the rims – luckily no permanent damage resulted.


Tires after

Tires/Rims After:  We cleaned, polished and protected these rims renewing the original color.


Stereo before

Stereo Before:  The stereo components were riddled with dirt and debris.


Stereo after Stereo After: We cleaned, treated and detailed the stereo components to bring them back to the way the car looked when it was new.


Ashtray before

Ashtray Before: The ashtray is an important part on your car which can cause a decrease in the value of a vehicle.
It was covered in tobacco and dirt.


Ashtray after

Ashtray After:  We removed the ashtray from the vehicle to wash and clean the surrounding area to make it appear as if it were never used.


RD Seat carpet before

 Rear Driver Side Carpet Before:  The carpet had a milkshake stain on the right side near console and the back of the drivers seat was marred with a black scuff.


RD Seat carpet after

Rear Driver Side Carpet After:  We removed all the car mats them vacuumed and steam cleaned all carpeting to restore the true color, remove soil/stains, plump up the fibres and help to eliminate odour and allergens.

Seatbelt before

Rear Leather Seats Before:  The stitching on the leather seats was dirty; sand and small particles filled the indentations and the leather had become dry and dirty.


Seatbelt after

Rear Leather  Seats After:  Both the front and rear seats were cleaned, conditioned, re- hydrated and re-dyed to improve the overall appearance and preserve the value of this car. Stitching was cleaned to return it back to its original white color and the leather re-dyed to eliminate the patchy appearance that had resulted from poor leather care.

Speaker before

Speaker Covers Before:  The speaker covers were dull and dirty on the outside but the inside of them was worse – they were full of sand and dust.


Speaker after

Speaker Covers After:  We removed the speaker covers to eliminate the loose debris trapped behind them. Next, we blew out the covers, cleaned and treated them.


Trunk jams before

 Trunk Jambs Before:  New cars don’t come with dirt – so why should your car? Dirt and debris wears on the painted surfaces of your vehicle, breaks down rubber, vinyl and plastic.


Trunk jams after
Trunk Jambs After: Every detail counts at Diamond Detailing. We cleaned out the trunk jambs, around the tail lights, vacuumed and steam cleaned to give the trunk a fresh look.


RP Seat carpet before
Rear Passenger Carpet Before: The carpet shown on this rear passenger carpet was a gooey mess which we were unable to identify.

RP Seat carpet after
Rear Passenger Carpet After: Thankfully we were able to remove the carpet stain – it was a tough one but we got it out after much hard work.

Passenger seat controls before
Passenger Seat Controls Before: Mud lays below the seat controls.


Passenger seat controls after
Passenger Seat Controls After: Mud was easily washed away bringing this area of the vehicle back to perfection.

More After Auto Detailing


Paint Restoration Before And After

When the owner of this 96 vette purchased the vehicle it looked great. The damage you see below wasn’t visible to him. Someone had compounded and buffed this car before he purchased it. The silicone wax had temporarily masked the swirls and scratches throughout the entire vehicle so he could not see them. After a few washes and storing it for the winter he was shocked with what he saw. It was unfortunate for Lee that he got stuck having to pay to fix something he had no control over. The detailer that worked on this car before Lee purchased it should have his compound and buffer taken away. Luckily for Lee we were able to save his paint and a bundle of money. Pictures courtesy of vette owner Lee Savory taken the day we detailed his car and Diamond Detailing.

Before: 98 Corvette looks dull and scratched.

Before:  The sides of the vette look like someone washed this car with steel wool.

Before:  The sides of the vette look like someone washed this car with steel wool.


After:  98 Corvette looks shiny again and the scratches are removed from the paint.

 After: This car was compounded and polished with a high-speed buffer it looked great.

Before:  The hood was loaded with scratches & swirls.

After:  Compound and high- speed polishing gave this vette it’s lustre back.

When we were done Lee the owner was ecstatic. We love clients like Lee because they understand the value of our services and take the time to become educated about proper care car.

Unique  Cars & Trucks  We’ve Detailed

customized blazer_thumb

Where’s the shine? This customized Chevy Blazer doesn’t have one. Ryan Purdy from Guelph had this Chevy painted in base – beautiful satin finish.


This Blazer was in need of a good car cleaning so we detailed from the Jesse James rims up.

98 chevy blazer_thumb

98 Chevy Blazer – owner Ryan Purdy. Ryan got us to do a complete detail package on his unique ride.

jesse james rims_thumb

Good thing the sun wasn’t shining because these rims really did sparkle after we cleaned them.

Snowmobile Detailing

Before: Snowmobile metal footrest are dull, stained, oxidized and badly scratched before metal polishing. Notice the scuff marks are removed from
snowmobile detailing services in the 1st picture – have a look at the after photo.

After: Metal foot rests are cleaned, detailed and polished to restore shine and color. Black scuff marks are removed from yellow platic body parts.

Before: Black scuff marks appeared on storage compartment, seat was dull & stained, rear bumper oxidized and dull, suspension dirty and luggage holder dirty.

After: Diamond Detailing can easily remove black scuff marks on snowmobiles, return the shine and make your Skidoo look new again.

Before: Skidoo engine compartment has carbon residue and a build up of grime.

skidoo1 engine before_small

After: Snowmobile engine is shampooed and detailed leaving it sparkling clean.

skidoo1 engine detailed_small

After Complete Snowmobile Detailing: The owner of this Skidoo Mike Woods was concerned mostly about the look of the metal on this sports recreational vehicle. He wanted it returned to a reflective shine and with that accomplished Mike was delighted
with the complete detail we performed on his snowmobile.

Get ready for the next sled
season! Have your snowmobile
professionally cleaned, detailed,
and protected at Diamond
Detailing before you store it or
sell it. Professionally detailing
your sled will drastically increase
http://di amonddetai l i l er y.html 9/10
the resale value.
We offer the highest quality
snowmobile detailing services in
the Guelph, Kitchener,
Cambridge, Waterloo, Hamilton
and Toronto area.

More Examples of Skidoo Detailing

Before Ski Doo 2: Another snowmobile owned by Mike Woods who was frustrated over the black scuff marks and exhaust fume soiling that stained the plastic yellow body on this Ski Doo. He had purchased chemicals suggested to him by Ski Doo and other
chemicals but to no avail the marks would not come off. The metal footrest wasn’t as bad as the other sled but it still needed some fine details and polishing. The Skidoo also had a lot of scratches on the hood cover and around the instrument panels.


After Ski Doo 2 : When Mike Woods brought the snowmobile to Diamond Detailing he said ” if you can get those marks off I’ll be
amazed”. Needless to say we did without the use of harsh chemicals or force leaving the plastic intact like the day he bought it. We
then proceeded to protect all the plastic and vinyl so help eliminate future staining. The metal was cleaned, polished and then treated
with a special metal wax to restore the shine and protect it from the elements. The plastic hood, window and instrument panel was
polished and protected. Mike couldn’t be happier – the snowmobile looks amazing!

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