Automotive experts agree that the best car care comes from a professional automotive detailer. While regular do-it-yourself cleanups and car washes help prevent the build-up of debris it doesn’t preserve the value of your vehicle unless you’re a certified automotive technician who knows how to protect every surface of your vehicle without causing damage.

In fact, many vehicle owners have learned a hard and expensive lesson because of their decisions. If you send your car, truck or SUV to be cleaned by someone that lacks the proper knowledge, skills, chemicals, experience and equipment you may be doing additional damage.

The benefits of automotive detailing are plentiful.

  • Nets a higher resale value
  • Sells faster
  • Appraisal is higher
  • Preserves the longevity
  • Reduces costly repairs

Diamond Detailing Guelph car cleaning, car washing and car detailing specialist. Professionally trained in the art of complete automotive detailing for domestic vehicles and high-end luxury import cars. We offer express detailing, car wash, interior detailing packages, exterior detailing packages, and specialty detailing services including light scratch removal, engine shampoo, fabric, leather and paint protection packages. See a complete list of our detailing services LINK HERE

interior detailing Car detailing reduces allergy symptoms and illness. Dirt, pollen, airborne pathogens, mold and dust mites pollute your car. Contaminants are 6x worse inside a vehicle than outside and can aggravate lungs and sinuses. A well maintained car helps reduce these symptoms.

thinkingmanYour decisions should meet your expectations. Do you want to get the most money out of your vehicle when you sell it? Do you want many years of enjoyable driving?

Are you prepared to do major repairs such as bodywork or other costly repairs because you are trying to save money now? 

hand wash No, auto detailing is for new & used vehicles. A vehicle is the second largest investment for most people. Vehicle’s are no different than your house. Each year you spend money to maintain to prevent damage and reduce resale loss. A vehicle could also be compared to fine lingerie because its many surfaces are delicate. Special care must be taken to maintain each surface, otherwise damage can occur.

The average person may view scratches, erosion and wear as minimal but Kelley Blue Book and Automotive Dealerships disagree. The damage drastically reflects on the resale value and develops into more serious problems that can lead to costly repairs. paint protection

Wet sanding Professional Appearance is everything. Your vehicle is an extension of your lifestyle and how others perceive you. A vehicle that looks great portrays an image of success.

A clean car helps you to feel better about yourself and enables you to have a pleasant driving experience.

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DD Car BUFFING 2Professional car washing reduces water usage by 50% in comparison to home car washes.

Soap, chemicals, debris and dirt are sent into approved drainage systems not the sewer drains.


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